Palacky university mössbauer

Palacký University in Olomouc is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of Mössbauer spectrometers and components. A large scientific team with a rich history and prestigious scientific results provides high-quality products with extended expertise. Palacký University supplies Mössbauer spectrometers and their customizable components all over the world. Our products are focused mainly on scientific research, especially for material scientists, but, we are also developing devices for commercial applications.

Nowadays, we are developing Universal Mössbauer Spectrometer. Versatile platform compatible with most available components used in Mössbauer spectrometry, that will be then offered commercially. As we are in the middle of constructing this system, we would like to know what are the needs of Mössbauer users, so we can focus final design of these components as best as possible according to practical needs.

Before we offer the UMS commercially, we would be grateful if you could devote your time to us, check our components, and fill out a short survey. Every piece of information and expertise is important to us.

Versatile platform for all spectrometric needs

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Mössbauer Spectroscopy Dual Detector is here for everyone, who need to analyze both, surface and volume of Iron based materials, MSDD is the module that enables to analyze both at the same time plus both results are perfectly matching in time, calibration and instrument precision. Unlike commonly used solutions, our product saves time and laboratory space. It is also portable and capable of analyzes of unlimited size of samples.

The CEMS box is designed for all the material scientists, who require Conversion Electron Mössbauer Spectroscopy (CEMS) analysis of bulk samples. In fact, CEMS box is a module that allows one a non-destructive preparation of variable shaped samples for measurement. Unlike standard CEMS gas detectors, our product does not require any noble gas fills, as it works in the vacuum.

MISPA (Microreactor for Spectroscopic Aplications) system is designed for all scientists, who need a hermetically sealed environment for in situ observations, MISPA is the device with narrower geometry, supplementary measurement systems and precisely controlled reaction chamber. Unlike other vacuum and pipe furnaces or autoclaves, our product is smaller which in turn enables to detect stronger signal and speed up measurements.

Ring shaped X- and gamma-ray enables analysis of specific samples without assembling of unique backscattering geometry setup and speeds up nondestructive surface analysis of large objects. Mössbauer RING detector facilitate the measurement setup. Unlike other gas detectors, RING does not require complicated geometry adjustment, is easily movable on the sample surface and due to the specific design (2π detection) enhance the count statistics.

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